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 Friends of Liberty

Headhunting, Character Assassination…and assorted nasty deeds


[from Hell Bottled Up: Chronicles of a Late Propaganda Minister (Far Gone Books, 2016)]

Wake up, sluggard, there is no time for rest.”
 “Uh. Try later.”
 “Get up. I’ve got two grand in ink just sitting here on my floor.”
 “Jet lagged…tired…call later.”
 “Move! Move! Move!”
 Zane Smith is a U.S. Marines Drill Sergeant, the L.A. Raiders’ defensive trainer, and Sun Tzu, realized in one hulking, 380-pound shell. He has no room for idleness. The Committee for American Freedom and Enterprise, Inc., had been transformed from a rec-room operation into a realistic menace, thanks to Zane’s “pain=gain” philosophy. While I sucked lungsful of black Lebanese hash in London, Zane was busy making it into the Arizona papers, earning CAFE the exposure we would need for to pull off such a vicious campaign.
Sacrificing America: A Shocking Look at the Voting Record of Arizona Congressman John McCain was launched at a news conference of the Phoenix Press Club, to the stunned horror of the Party Establishment. Zane had approached it like any PR pro, and the results were impressive. The Arizona Republic — mouthpiece of the status quo that it is — dismissed us as being “outside the rank-and-file” and “with an axe to grind.” Which was true, in a sense, but irrelevant. The same dumb logic that might shrug off the Baeder-Meinhoff Gang or the Weathermen as “just another group of student-types.”
 However, the Chandler Tribune pushed out a kindly article, entitled, “Fighting for the Right,” which did Zane and I the service of announcing our inevitable intention as future office-seekers. I felt that we should send that particular reporter a good bottle of scotch or something, but Zane disagreed.
 “Back from the land of the dead,” he smiled, wriggling through my parents’ front door. “You need a haircut.”
 Which was probably also true, but I didn’t see any real or compelling reason to start in with personal eccentricities — at least not until I’d had the chance to unwind, maybe get accustomed to American thinking again. Besides, I hadn’t had good luck with barbers lately.
 “We just scored a coup,” Zane grinned.
 “Uh-huh. Sam Steiger just finished the forward to the McCain booklet.”
 “Big deal,” I said. “Probably lots of people will read it.”
 “Huh-uh,” he smiled, even wider. “Writing it. I didn’t tell you, because I wanted it to be a surprise.”
 And it was. Sam Steiger was once an All-Star power-hitter for the Right — a renegade Republican and self-described “New York Jew horse-trader,” who had left the House in 1976 to run for U.S. Senate. Steiger had entered the Arizona State Senate from a backroom Flagstaff bar — encouraged by drink, that he could somehow become “the people’s candidate,” despite a genetic ethnicity problem which might have otherwise gotten him chased out of town like so many money lenders, were it not for a rugged, common-man farmer sort-of-redneck appeal that earned him the role of favorite adopted son in Congressional District 3, stretching from north Scottsdale to the Utah border. But in 1976, in his second term, Steiger went brow-to-brow against another Congressional monolith, John Bertrand Conlan.
 Conlan was Irish, to Steiger’s semitic roots. Born-again against Jew, and the race poured blood. Conlan championed “the Christian vote,” and irked Arizona’s secular establishment to the extent that they dumped him in favor of Steiger for the Republican nomination. Many of Conlan’s supporters, as the story goes, couldn’t bear to usher a Jew into office, and shifted enough of their weight to elect Democrat Dennis DeConcini, who held the office for many terms, despite early claims toward avoiding the tag of “career politician.”
 Steiger saw trouble after the bitter defeat. His sons were busted on drug charges. Then he, himself, was arrested after some heavy tippling for killing two wild burros at his Flagstaff ranch. His defense was classic private ownership: “I can shoot a jackass on my property anytime I feel like it…the beasts were eating my flowers.” But the public turned on him when a veterinarian concluded that both animals had been shot from behind.
 He ran for Governor as a Libertarian in 1982, after losing GOP Party support, and garnered a stunning 13% of the vote, with a platform that read something like: “If elected, I will not serve. I will not use taxpayer’s monies on such a bogus and wasteful system as this.”
 I opened Sacrificing America to the forward, sat back and smiled deliriously…
“I have always been skeptical of legislative voting records made by special interest groups, in that the title of the legislation frequently has little bearing on the content or affect of that legislation.

 What is most useful in this analysis of Mr. McCain’s voting patterns is the comparison with two identifiable Arizona conservatives: Congressmen Stump and Rudd. Clearly, there is a strong and significant difference in philosophy and understanding of the Arizona electorate between these gentlemen. Once again, Mr. McCain’s lack of identity with Arizona and its views is brought home. Perhaps most dramatic of all is the clear message that imprisonment by communist captors does not necessarily enhance one’s knowledge of the dangers of communism.

 Hopefully, the results of this effort by these younger Arizona conservatives will be to increase Mr. McCain’s understanding of the Arizona constituency he purports to represent.”

 Sam Steiger — Former United States Congressman
 Steiger’s disillusionment with McCain was longstanding. Once, in an opinion piece to Northern Arizona Life, he wrote of McCain: “In my little war, Korea, if you got captured, it meant you had screwed up. If you stayed captured for any length of time, it meant you had not tried to escape and, therefore, you spent a great deal of time explaining why you did not escape.”
 Victoria “Torie” Clarke, McCain’s press-chief, labeled Steiger’s comments, “a cheap shot.”
 McCain himself flipped humorist Will Rogers’ famed quote, that, “I never met a man I didn’t like” on its head: “I guess Will Rogers never met Sam Steiger, either,” McCain grumbled...

[Complete article here:

#NeverTrump’s Kristol Floats McCain for President, McCain’s Opponent Pounces

30 Jun 2016

#NeverTrump leader Bill Kristol is floating a new name in his search for an establishment presidential candidate to mount an independent run to undermine presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump: John McCain.

Kristol tweets that McCain was in DC raising money for his Senate reelection bid against his conservative primary challenger, Dr. Kelli Ward.

Dr. Ward — who polls have shown tied with Senator McCain in the Republican primary on August 30 — pounced on the Kristol tweets.

“Hillary Clinton supporter Bill Kristol is the worst sort of establishment hack,” she said in a statement to Breitbart News...

Hunter S. Thompson: The Champion of Fun

Hunter S. Thompson: The Champion of Fun


by Todd Brendan Fahey originally appeared in the March 1991 issue of Fling 

I remember very crisply my introduction to the cult of Hunter S. Thompson. Having already broasted the front side of my body under a thin ozone layer one warm August afternoon in Santa Barbara, I traded my beach chair for a…  Read more »


Trump leaving neocons in dust

The rise of Donald Trump is threatening the power of neoconservatives, who find themselves at risk of being marginalized in the Republican Party.

Neoconservatism was at its height during the presidency of George W. Bush, helping to shape the rationale for the U.S. invasion of Iraq.

But now the ideology is under attack, with Trump systematically rejecting each of its core principles. 

Whereas neoconservatism advocates spreading American ideals through the use of military force, Trump has made the case for nationalism and a smaller U.S. military footprint. 

In what Trump calls an "America First" approach, he proposes rejecting alliances that don't work, trade deals that don’t deliver, and military interventionism that costs too much.

He has said he would get along with Russian President Vladimir Putin and sit down with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un — a throwback to the “realist” foreign policy of President Nixon. 

As if to underscore that point, the presumptive GOP nominee met with Nixon's Secretary of State and National Security Adviser, Henry Kissinger, earlier this week, and delivered his first major foreign policy speech at an event last month hosted by the Center for National Interest, which Nixon founded. 

Leading neoconservative figures like Bill Kristol and Robert Kagan have assailed Trump’s foreign policy views. Kagan even called Trump a “fascist” in a recent Washington Post op-ed. 

"This is how fascism comes to America, not with jackboots and salutes (although there have been salutes, and a whiff of violence) but with a television huckster, a phony billionaire, a textbook egomaniac 'tapping into' popular resentments and insecurities, and with an entire national political party — out of ambition or blind party loyalty, or simply out of fear — falling into line behind him," wrote Kagan, who is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Other neoconservatives say Trump’s foreign policy stances, such as his opposition to the Iraq war and the U.S. intervention in Libya, are inconsistent and represent “completely mindless” boasting.

“It’s not, ‘Oh I really feel that the neoconservatism has come to a bad end and we need to hearken back to the realism of the Nixon administration,’ ” said Danielle Pletka, senior vice president for foreign and defense policy at the American Enterprise Institute...

''Goin' Green on Ganja'': Trump's Youth Vote Hopes

by Todd Brendan Fahey
May 7, 2016

George Will--who hates Trump--made a point of the 30%-level numbers of younger voters (aged 18-29) who voted...or, rather, didn't, for Mitt Romney. And how Trump will get even less.

Hence, immediate formation of a hemp+cannabis panel at the federal and Gubernatorial-(National Governors Conference) level.

Hillary was a stoner in her university years; she is also a coward. Assuming Trump--like Ron Paul--has never smoked pot, he is free to study hemp+cannabis as an inexhaustible energy resource (oil; fibers; medical relief source) for America.

That's your "youth vote," George Will. Trump will swamp Hillary if he "goes Green" on ganja.

Donald Trump’s absolutely remarkable 323-day odyssey

by Chris Cillizza
The Washington Post
May 4, 2016

Donald Trump announced for president on June 16, 2015.  And this happened.

NBC and the Wall Street Journal released a national poll days later. Here's how the Republican primary field looked:


You'll notice Trump didn't make that graphic. That's because he was getting one -- yes ONE -- percent of the vote in the hypothetical Republican primary race. That put him in the company of other one-percenters like Lindsey Graham, who has emerged as the single most vocal anti-Trump politician, and John Kasich, who will end his presidential campaign today and, in so doing, clear the field for Trump.

That wasn't even the worst news in the poll for Trump! Two-thirds of Republicans said they couldn't see themselves supporting him for president. Just 32 percent said they could imagine backing him for president. And, unlike many of his unknown Republican rivals, everyoneknew Trump's name in the poll.

That combination of universal name recognition and broad dislike caused me to write a piece -- on June 17 -- headlined "Why no one should take Donald Trump seriously, in one very simple chart." This was the chart:


Based on everything I knew about politics to that point, I was CERTAIN that I was right about Trump.


Todd Brendan Fahey Appears on Pirate Radio Podcasts, Friday 8:00pm [PCT]

Todd Brendan Fahey--author of Wisdom's Maw; Dogshit Park & other atrocities, and, "most-recently," Hell Bottled Up: Chronicles of a Late Propaganda Minister--will appear via podcast tomorrow, Friday at 8:00pm (Pacific Coast Time), hosted by Japhy Ryder:

Some sound engineering performed + GREAT graphics added by Japhy Ryder
Pirate Radio Podcasts: Guest, Todd Brendan Fahey

Somewhere in pt. 2 (or, upcoming pt. 3), I bungled a Bowie lyric...simply would not come to my brain/tongue. Mea culpa. (pt. 2)


U.S. Hispanic Chamber Endorses Sen. John McCain for Re-Election

by Suzanne Gamboa
NBC News
March 31, 2016

Sen. John McCain, facing a tough race for Senate re-election, picked up the endorsement of U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce president Javier Palomarez. 

Palomarez also was to join McCain, R-Ariz., on the campaign trail Thursday. The endorsement is believed to be the first ever by the chamber of a candidate, based on a records search. 

The endorsement is significant because of Arizona's history of immigration crackdowns and their effect on Latinos in the state. The frontrunner status of Donald Trump, and his anti-immigrant rhetoric, has been seen as a potential negative for down-ballot candidates like Sen. McCain, particularly those in states with high Latino voting populations. The share of Latinos in Arizona who are eligible voters is 21.5 percent.

McCain was a target of Trump, who mocked the senator, a former Vietnam prisoner of war. Trump said McCain was not a war hero and said he wasn't a fan of McCain, because he only likes people who weren't captured. 

McCain did not fare well with Latino voters in his 2008 bid for president, which he lost to Barack Obama in the general election that year. He drew criticism from some for shifting right on his immigration views. But in 2013, he was part of the Gang of Eight that wrote and helped pushed through the Senate a comprehensive immigration reform bill.

"I am honored to receive the endorsement of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce ... Hispanic businesses are vital to Arizona's economy and add to the cultural fabric of our state," McCain said in a statement. 

Palomarez said in a statement that McCain had served the state "with nobility and undeniable zeal." 

"From uniting the nation through bipartisan legislation in the wake of September 11th, to working alongside the USHCC to urge the swift confirmation of America's next Mexican ambassador Roberta Jacobson, to leading the passage of the comprehensive immigration reform bill through the Senate, Sen. McCain has devoted his life to placing his love of country ahead of self-interest and political partisanship," Palomarez stated. 

McCain drew a primary challenger from the far right, state Sen. Kelli Ward, a conservative who has said McCain has disappointed conservatives. Also in the race, business owner Alex Meluskey. Should he survive the primary, he also could face a tough challenge from U.S. Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Ariz. 

Palomarez had endorsed HUD Secretary Julián Castro and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez as potential vice presidential candidates, but neither are actual candidates at this time...

McCain-Linked Nonprofit Received $1 Million From Saudi Arabia

by Bill Allison
Bloomberg Politics
March 31, 2016

A nonprofit with ties to Senator John McCain received a $1 million donation from the government of Saudi Arabia in 2014, according to documents filed with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

The Arizona Republican has strictly honorary roles with the McCain Institute for International Leadership, a program at Arizona State University, and its fundraising arm, the McCain Institute Foundation, according to his office. But McCain has appeared at fundraising events for the institute and his Senate campaign’s fundraiser is listed in its tax returns as the contact person for the foundation.

Though federal law strictly bans foreign contributions to electoral campaigns, the restriction doesn’t apply to nonprofits engaged in policy, even those connected to a sitting lawmaker.

Groups critical of the current ethics laws say that McCain’s nonprofit effectively gives Saudi Arabia -- or any other well-heeled interests -- a means of making large donations to politicians it hopes to influence.

“Foreign governments are prohibited from financing candidate campaigns and political parties,” Craig Holman, the government affairs lobbyist for ethics watchdog Public Citizen, said. “Funding the lawmakers’ nonprofit organizations is the next best thing.”...

Suicide of GOP -- or its rebirth?

By Patrick J. Buchanan
March 17, 2016

WASHINGTON – “If his poll numbers hold, Trump will be there six months from now when the Sweet 16 is cut to the Final Four, and he will likely be in the finals.” 

My prediction, in July of 2015, looks pretty good right now.

Herewith, a second prediction. Republican wailing over his prospective nomination aside, Donald Trump could beat Hillary Clinton like a drum in November. 

Indeed, only the fear that Trump can win explains the hysteria in this city. Here is the Washington Post of March 18: “As a moral question it is straightforward. The mission of any responsible Republican should be to block a Trump nomination and election.”

The Orwellian headline over that editorial: “To defend our democracy, the GOP must aim for a brokered convention.”

Beautiful. Defending democracy requires Republicans to cancel the democratic decision of the largest voter turnout of any primaries in American history. And this is now a moral imperative for Republicans.

Like the Third World leaders it lectures, the Post celebrates democracy – so long as the voters get it right. 

Whatever one may think of the Donald, he has exposed not only how far out of touch our political elites are, but how insular is the audience that listens to our media elite. 

Understandably, Trump’s rivals were hesitant to take him on, seeing the number he did on “little Marco,” “low energy” Jeb and “Lyin’ Ted.” 

But the Big Media – the Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times – have been relentless and ruthless. 

Like the reporting you see here? Sign up for free news alerts from, America’s independent news network.

Yet Trump’s strength with voters seemed to grow, pari passu, with the savagery of their attacks. As for National Review, the Weekly Standard and the accredited conservative columnists of the big op-ed pages, their hostility to Trump seems to rise, commensurate with Trump’s rising polls.

As the Wizard of Oz was exposed as a little man behind a curtain with a big megaphone, our media establishment is unlikely ever again to be seen as formidable as it once was.

And the GOP? 

Those Republicans who assert that a Trump nomination would be a moral stain, a scarlet letter, the death of the party, they are most likely describing what a Trump nomination would mean to their own ideologies and interests.

Barry Goldwater lost 44 states in 1964, and the GOP fell to less than a third of Congress. “The Republican Party is dead,” wailed the Rockefeller wing. Actually, it wasn’t. Only the Rockefeller wing was dead.

After the great Yellowstone fire in the summer of ’88, the spring of ’89 produced astonishing green growth everywhere. The Yellowstone fire of the GOP was in ’64, burning up a million acres of dead wood, preparing the path for party renewal. Renewal often follows rebellion.

Republican strength today, on Capitol Hill and in state offices, is at levels unseen since Calvin Coolidge. Turnout in the GOP primaries has been running at levels unseen in American history, while turnout in the Democratic primaries is below what it was in the Obama-Clinton race of 2008...


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And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an ensample unto those that after should live ungodly;

And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked:

(For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;)

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